Swim Group Descriptions

GWSC is a coach run operation. Only Coaches decide when and where athletes will be placed on the team. Athlete’s are originally assessed by try-out. Later assessed by times achieved, practice test sets, social skills,commitment,endurance, and physical development. Athlete’s are expected to practice with the group they have been placed in by the staff. Swimming in other groups at other times is never an option. We place athletes in groups that are best for the training and the skill level they are at. As soon as an athlete is emotionally ready, properly trained, and meets the subjective and objective standards of a particular group of swimmers, the coaching staff will work together to move the athlete. Many things are taken into consideration for a move. Our professional coaching staff will make all decisions about group make-up and placement.

Pathways is an excellent opportunity to introduce your children to the exciting world of competitive swimming. Our Pre-competitive program is a wonderful option for developing younger swimmers that provides knowledgeable coaching, great peer groups, and a fun competitive atmosphere. They will learn all four competitive strokes as well as competitive skills like flip turns and racing starts.

Bronze Group is designed for the club’s beginning level age group swimmer’s age 11 and under who wish to make more of a commitment to the sport of swimming. Practices are designed to be fun while teaching the fundamentals of competitive swimming, including all four competitive strokes, streamlining, racing starts and turns. Coaches will instruct proper workout habits and behavior along with lane etiquette. Practices are not mandatory, but are highly encouraged. Participation in swim meets is also encouraged.

Silver I is the club’s intermediate level age group designed for swimmers ages 9-12 who have mastered the fundamentals of the four competitive strokes. Each practice is designed to continue to develop and refine stroke mechanics. Emphasis is upon stroke and competitive skill development. Practice procedures, such as using a pace clock, and workout skills and knowledge are a major goal. A high priority is given to a strong knowledge foundation for future development. Practices are not mandatory but highly encouraged. It is recommended that the swimmer attend 4-6 practices a week. Meet attendance is also highly encouraged.

Silver II is the club’s intermediate level age group designed for swimmers age 11 and up. Emphasis is upon stroke and competitive skill development. Endurance training is also increased. Mastery of practice procedures and racing skills are also emphasized in order to prepare athletes for continued development. Regular practice and meet attendance are highly encouraged and important for continued improvement and growth in the sport. It is expected that the swimmer attend 4-6 practices a week.

Gold Group is composed of the club’s most advanced and accomplished age group swimmers. Swimmers in this group strive to advance to the Senior Group. Practices emphasize stroke and competitive skill development to a very advanced level. A high priority is also placed upon the knowledge and physiological needs of the young developing athlete. A dry-land conditioning program is a part of practice to promote core strength and athleticism. These swimmers carry out a regular schedule of state level meets. These athletes usually have swimming as their top activity priority and give great importance to the opportunities to swim with a top-level club! It is strongly recommended that swimmers attend all regular practices offered to best achieve their desired goals in the sport of swimming.

Senior Group is designed to prepare older athletes with a sincere dedication to the sport. Two or more USA Swimming Sectional Qualifying times and a proven commitment to practice is necessary as a first step to be a considered member of this group. Skill development will continue to be refined with an increased emphasis on challenging aerobic and anaerobic training. This group is for the serious and committed swimmer who demonstrates that they are ready for elite level training. A demanding dry-land conditioning program is an integral part of practice. Athletes in this group compete in state, regional and national meets such as Junior Olympics,Sectionals Grand Prix meets, Jr. Nationals, Nationals and Olympic Trials. Practice and meet attendance is required for athletes training in this group.