AURO-DRI® is a Safe, Fast, and Effective Relief for your Ears!

Swimming, diving and showering can cause clogged ears which may lead to a painful condition called swimmer’s ear. Auro-Dri® is a safe, fast and effective ear drying aid to relieve water-clogged ears and keep you in the water!

ASCA Official Product of the American Swimming Coaches Association
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AARON PEIRSOL –  5 Time Gold Medalist & World Record Holder
“I was always susceptible to ear infections and Auro-Dri® let me concentrate on performing my best.”


  1. Work with your teammates to challenge yourselves on a daily basis.
  2. On freestyle: Catch water with a high elbow; keep a strong, consistent kick behind you.
  3. On backstroke: Keep your head still and enter with your pinky first.
  4. On breastroke: Work to perfect the timing of your pull and kick.
  5. On butterfly: Work to find a rhythm and build that into your stroke.
  6. Believe in your coaches and your training regimen.
  7. Fitness and nutrition are important. What you do outside of the pool counts!
  8. Use starts and turns to your advantage. Think of turns as something to perfect and get ahead, not a place to rest.
  9. Always have fun and enjoy the process.
  10. Use Auro-Dri® Ear Drying aid to protect your ears when you’re done swimming.

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