Greetings Riptide!

Congratulations to all who attended their first USA Swimming Meet this weekend in San Juan Capistrano! The coaching staff was happy to see so many Riptide swimmers and families participate. Thanks to all of you who helped guide our newer members through all the details of competition like where to check in, when to talk to the coaches, how to watch the timeline and where to find heat and lane assignments. It was a great example of sportsmanship and team effort!!

The coaching staff expected to see some good swims and we were not disappointed. Passing out the ribbons at practice last night showed how well we performed. However, it is important to note that this was just the first meet in the season. The times achieved during this meet are a starting point; we need to look at how we swam and think about what needs to be done to go even faster. Talk to you coach and start paying attention to the things you need to work on to be faster at the next meet… which is the FAST BRW meet coming up soon. Please don’t miss the deadline to sign up.

I want to talk a little about awards; some Blue Group swimmers were asking about how they could earn ribbons. Each meet can be different, so you will need to look at the Meet Info Sheet to see exactly how ribbons and medals are awarded. You will find a paragraph labeled Awards and it will tell you which age groups receive awards, what places get ribbons and sometimes medals, certificates or other prizes. Generally for routine meets early in the season ribbons are given to the top 8 places for 11-12 and younger. Older ages mostly have to go to championship meets to win awards. It is always fun to get an award, but I would like you guys to focus more on two things: swimming a personal best race and achieving the next time standard.

How do you swim a personal best race? This could mean swimming your fastest time ever, it could also mean swimming with better technique or getting more consistent splits. Every time you swim a race you should have a strategy in mind for how to swim it and know what you need to do to have a personal best. This is what the coaches like to review with you just before you swim and if you focus on swimming your race strategy you will have a great chance of swimming well!

What about achieving the next time standard? First of all, you should know what standards you have and be aware of what your times are. You can’t get faster just by thinking about a specific time but it is very helpful to know where your times are, how much you have improved and how far you still have to go to reach your next goal. Please talk to your coaches about your goals so we can work with you to make them a reality.

Once again, great job this weekend! Keep up the hard work and I’ll see you at practice.

Go Riptide!