Greetings Riptide,

I hope you all had a restful weekend because this weekend is going to be jam packed with swimming! First and foremost we have the AAA Red and White meet. Also many of you will be kicking off your summer league seasons with intrasquad meets on Saturday. You should be thinking about that now because there are important steps you can take throughout the week to prepare yourself for fast swimming on the weekend. Here are a few:

– Get plenty of rest every day this week. Eight to ten hours of sleep per night is a good guideline. – Eat breakfast every day and continue to eat healthy snacks and meals throughout the day. Always try to have a snack between lunch and evening practice if you eat your dinner after workout. – Attend all the practices during the week; your coach will plan these to prepare you for the meet and the day before you race it is very important NOT to skip workout. – Do your schoolwork as early as possible and plan ahead. You want to be able to swim on the weekend without worrying about projects and assignments that you could have done during the week.

See you all at the pool.

Go Riptide!