Greetings Riptide,

Last night Coach Adam was away at CIF with the high school team and his groups got to swim together with Alex and My red and blue groups. Thanks for working hard, working together, and patiently adapting to a different kind of workout… your teamwork made the practice a success. I continue to be impressed by the way our team trains seriously in many different conditions around the pool – keep up the good work!

I threatened a few swimmers last night with being talked about in my blog, but the swimmer I will highlight today is in here for a good reason… I have seen Asa (Gold) helping with shower water cleanup duty on many nights after practice and I wanted to say thanks to him and to everyone else who steps in after practice and helps us clean up the deck! It is very important for us as a team to keep our facility clean and we coaches really appreciate your efforts in helping out.

Go Riptide!