Greetings Riptide!

We had a good workout last night and since Vicky and Ally (blue 1) gave me such a nice workout book cover I decided to give them top billing in today’s post. Thanks girls, I love it.

Did anyone see the interview of Michael Phelps on TV earlier this week? I wonder if we should lock you guys in a hyperbaric chamber at night too?? Really, I would be happy if you all were just at the water’s edge before your workout times! Blue 1 and silver groups: you guys have been doing a better job of being ready to swim on time… but Blue 2: you need to get it in gear!

One last note to end today’s post… I have been finding a lot of gear left behind on the pool deck at night. Please try to remember all your stuff when you leave! One way you can help yourselves and help the coaches too is to take your wet gear bag with you away from the lane immediately when you get out. When you wait ’til after you change to pick up your gear it is too easy to forget… that’s my tip for the day!

Happy Wednesday; Go Riptide!