Greetings Riptide,

I have been parking in the lower parking lot (using the front entrance to the pool) for the last week or so and have seen many of you doing the same. Thank you for cooperating with the new parking recommendations. It is a little further from the gate to park on that side, but if you use the drop off area it is not too bad unless you are the one driving the car 😉 I want to remind everyone, kids and adults, to be careful in the parking lots. Walk and drive slowly and be on the lookout for drivers that are not paying attention. Swimmers, if you can have your parents pick you up and drop you off in the drop off zone that will be the safest and quickest way to get into the pool.

Blue 1 you guys did a great job pulling the tarps last night… much faster than Blue 2….

Silver group is starting to regain the numbers we lost when high school season began and you swimmers are doing a great job, thanks Trang for being a good leader in the pool last night. We also want to welcome Aleyna to the group, glad to have you on board!

Go Riptide!