Greetings Riptide,

You may hear me or the other coaches sometimes talking about swimming seriously. Ever wonder what that means? Let me tell you, part of being a year-round competitive swimmer at Riptide is coming to lots of practices every week. For our youngest groups there are 5 practices a week and sometimes for the older groups there can be 10 or 11 practices a week! We do not expect every one of you to come swim at every single workout… we know that everyone gets busy and sometimes your schedules make it hard to come to pool on certain days. This is where “swimming seriously” comes into play. If you want to reach your swimming goals and become the best swimmer you can be, you must make a serious commitment to attending as many practices as possible. You should talk to your parents about what goals you have, what time standards you want to make, or what championship meets you want to qualify for. Then you and your parents can make a plan to get to practice and turn your goals into a reality. That is “serious swimming.”

If you have any questions about the things I just talked about, come ask your coach! We will be happy to talk with you about setting goals for swim meets, fast times, or even just setting goals for how many practices to attend. Setting a goal with your coach is like packing a tasty lunch in the morning. You will have something good to look forward to, but you will have to put in the effort to make it and carry it with you. Same thing with a goal. You have to decide on a goal, then make a plan for it and do all the steps in your plan!

Go Riptide!