Greetings Riptide,

Last night’s parent meetings were a big success. Thank you to all the parents that came and thank you to all the swimmers who had to swim with a different coach. My groups especially, you did your workout with coach Coral very well. I appreciate the respect you showed her and how well you behaved during the time that I was unavailable to work with you. It makes me proud to see everyone working together so well and to see you guys in the water getting strong work in even when I’m not there to yell at you 😉

Most of you have adjusted to our new parking situation and I learned something new last night about it. I did not understand that you could turn your car and drop off right in front of the swimming pool (front gate) and then continue forward to go between the buildings to loop around and then park in the lower lot… I thought you had to turn around. That actually works out really well!

See you at practice – and maybe in the new drop-off loop around :))

Go Riptide!