Greetings Riptide,

We have two meets coming in the next two weeks, this weekend is the short course red/white meet at ORCA and next week is the GWSC blue long course meet. I want to take today’s blog post to talk a little bit about these early season meets. First of all, the long course season goes from March to August and the swim meets are not all the same. Throughout the season we have “regular” meets about once a month where you compete for individual awards and occasionally relay races too. We also have “main meets” which are a little more important because they include team scoring and in the case of Junior Olympics and J.O. Max they serve as the season-ending championships as well. Anyway, back to the upcoming red/white and blue meets. As I said, they are regular meets and they are an important part of your training. We coaches need to see you compete to help us see what you have learned in practice. You swimmers need to compete in races to gain experience and learn how your body moves going as fast as you can.

When you sign up for meets we like you to talk with your coach about what races to enter and usually in early season meets we want you to swim as many different races as possible. Many swimmers have favorite strokes or distances they like to swim, but your bodies and skills will change as you grow so we want you to swim as many different events as possible. Don’t focus on just one stroke or distance.

Finally, we still have a lot of new swimmers on the team and if you are one of them, or if this is your first meet don’t worry… the coaches and other teammates will be there to help you. There is a guide for your first time at a swim meet here on the website (look in the ‘resources’ tab) and when you get to the meet check in with your coach and tell them it is your first meet… they will guide you through it and make sure you know who to ask when you have questions.

So good luck team! I know you will all do very well.

Go Riptide!