Greetings Riptide,

Last night we had another good workout. I have written most of my latest blog entries about meets coming up, policies on deck, prizes and games, new people and what to expect from the long course season. All the while you swimmers have been showing up and doing your job which is to work hard, listen to your coaches and try to improve your strokes every night. I want to take this post and say two things: thank you and keep up the good work!

Last night in particular I saw swimmers from all groups taking the initiative to get to their lanes on time, start their warm ups, and let the coaches know when they were ready for the next exercise. It is important for you to take responsibility for your training and get started working without waiting to be told… many of you are doing that and it will pay off with faster times, better workouts and a stronger feeling in the water. Way to go!

Go Riptide!