Greetings Riptide,

The high school team is in the middle of their season and we have been swimming on the south side of the pool for most practices. (except when they have home meets) You guys have all been great in adapting to the changes but there are a couple things I want to talk about so we all understand the reasons why.

First, OC Riptide’s policy is for the parents to stay in the bleachers or on the North or South sides of the pool deck. Primarily this is due to insurance because USA Swimming only allows registered coaches to be on the “deck” during practice time. We can designate some parts of the deck for parents to sit, but they cannot be behind the lanes. Second, out of respect for the high school team the coaches have asked you RIPT swimmers to wait patiently until the OVHS swimmers get out of the water. You can then move behind the lanes and put your gear bags down. As I said before you have all been very good about going where we ask you to go, so thank you and now you know why we’ve been doing these things.

Go Riptide!