Greetings Riptide,

Last night the coaches told everyone who will be moving to new groups and we mentioned the new start times for blue 1 and silver as well. Parents and swimmers, if you have any questions about how we selected swimmers to move groups please come ask your coach on deck. The coaching staff and I tried very hard to pick the best group for each swimmer and we would be happy to discuss that process with you.

We are in just the second week of Long Course season and we have a meet coming up this weekend. This meet is a blue meet (you have to have a time at or faster than the blue standard to be able to go) and it will be long course. Some of you have never swum a long course meet before, but don’t worry… it sounds worse than it is. When you swim the long way across the pool it is 50 meters for one lap. That would be just like swimming two laps the short way and then back out to the flags. During practice we swim thousands of meters in one night, so any distance in the long course pool will be easy for you to complete, it just looks really far!

I have been talking a lot lately about being prepared for cold weather and bringing your clothes to put on before and after practice… and you have been doing just that! Good job everyone for doing the work to keep your bodies healthy and prepared for good training and competition. If you prepare well for practice by bringing your gear, eating right, sleeping well, getting your school work and chores done on time you will very successful. Your times will drop and you will feel much better in the pool.

Okay, last thing for today. OC Riptide Aquatics Swim Team has been a swimming club for a little over 6 months and we have accomplished many great things. We have had lots of fast times and now that we have completed a full season (short course) we can celebrate those swims by posting the club records! Sometime in the next week or two we will post on deck the fastest swims in each distance for each age group. If you want to know if you made a record setting swim or how close you came before they are posted, just come see me on deck. I have the records on my clipboard for now.

Today’s number (21)

Go Riptide!