Greetings Riptide,

I didn’t see so many of you last night… I know it is kinda hard to come out to the pool when it is cold and rainy (like last night definitely was!) but you need to come anyway. Great job to those of you who came out last night, that is the kind of commitment you need to reach your goals quickly. It actually turned out to be a nice night… just quite chilly on deck.

As you know the Short Course season is now completed; we are making adjustments to the groups and the schedule. The group moves will be going into effect March 1. The schedule changes will begin next week. This week the coaches will be telling you swimmers who is getting moved into new groups and if you have any questions just ask us. The schedule changes are going to be for my groups, Blue 1 and Silver. Blue 1, you guys will be starting at 5:45pm now and going till 7-7:15. Silver group your start time is going to move up to 6pm and go till 7:30-7:45. Our practices will sometimes be longer than other times that is why I put a range for the end time.

Today’s number (9).

Go Riptide!