Greetings Riptide,

Anybody miss me last night? I have been battling a head cold since Saturday night and it finally got the better of me yesterday, but I will be back at workout tonight. I trust that you all worked very hard in my absence…

Since I have been holed up in my blankets for the last 24 hrs I don’t have much to write about today. Oh! I do have something. Abbie and Alex from Blue 1 have been taking my advice finally and bringing their warm shoes, jackets and clothes to workout. Great Job girls! I have said it a thousand times and written about it here a few as well. You need to bring your warm clothes to the pool every day… AND WEAR THEM! Even when it is warm outside. You guys are strong athletes and when your body starts to cool down you may not feel cold. It may not bother you when your body gets chilled. But it is still not good for your body to get cold before or after swim practice. When you have wet hair and wet bodies/swim suits the air evaporates that moisture and cools your body even on warm days so please, please, please listen to me and keep your body covered with your warm clothes.

okay… today’s number (5).

Go Riptide!