Greetings Riptide,

Congratulations to everyone who swam at JO’s and JO Max, the short course season was a big success and JO Max especially was a lot of fun! We had so many medals and ribbons that the bag broke! Anyway, the successful season was possible because of all the hard work that you and your parents did to come to practice during the winter (is it over yet?? I’m ready for summer!). Thank you to everyone for a job well done.

Now…. on to the next challenge! Long Course Season. We have already signed up for the first meet (DA Blue Meet) and kudos to those who got blue times at JO Max (Abi, Emily, Joey, Alex… If I missed you, come tell me). Long course goes till the end of July so this is a good time to set some season goals for yourself. A lot of times I ask swimmers what there goals are and they tell me “go fast” or “get better”. Those are good goals to have but you can be more successful if you set goals for yourself based on what you can DO to go fast and get better. Here is an example: If you only came to practice five days a week during short course season and you did not come to Saturday workouts because you wanted to watch tv, you could set a goal to ask your parents to bring you to Saturday workout at least twice a month. By attending more practices you will get faster and better. Achieving the goal you set for what to do during the season will end up helping you achieve the overall goals.

Today’s number (3) Go Riptide!