Greetings Riptide,

Valentines Day practice was well attended and their were plenty of sweet treats to go around; thanks a bunch to everyone who so kindly brought treats to share! I also wanted to say thanks to my Blue 1 group who nearly all came to practice and squeezed into two lanes. We had to organize a few sets differently and you guys really helped me out by working hard, paying attention, and staying organized. Good Work!

Two reminders for this blog post… 1. Our first Long Course meet of the season is coming up after JO Max and those entries are due by Friday. Its only for swimmers with blue time standards so if you are not sure if you have any blue cuts come see me, I can tell you and also tell you how to check it yourself. 2. Remember there will be shorter practices this week due to our preparation for JO Max, especially on Friday (we’ll only swim about 20-30 mins).

Number for today (2)

Go Riptide!