Greetings Riptide!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Vladi and I spent most of it at Older JO’s… great job you guys who qualified and competed, you swam very well!

As you all should know, our final Champs meet for the short course season is upon us. SCAL JO Max meet this weekend. Thank you to everyone who signed up, I think it is going to be a really fun meet! Keep in mind that everyone who is swimming will be getting some shorter workouts this week in preparation for the meet. So make sure that your rides are prepared for you to be out of the water early. Also, IT IS STILL WINTER! Bring your warm clothes and SHOES for after practice. Even when you feel warm because you have been exercising it is not good to be in the cold weather while you are wet and in bare feet.

The first week of my new Blog game is done… only two winners. Alana and Dawson took the prizes! The rest of you failed 🙁 Anyway, there is still hope for you. Today’s number is (7)…

Go Riptide!