Greetings Riptide,

The schedule changes for this weekend have been finalized and an email has been sent out. I will put the info here as well in case you did not get the email. Tonight (Thursday) we start at 6 pm for the early groups and 645 for the later groups. No practice on Friday or Saturday. Sunday evening from 530 to 7pm we have practice for everyone who will be swimming in JO Max meet.

I hope you all can come Sunday because leading up to a big meet it is not good to have too many days off. Since we have to cancel Friday and Saturday taking Sunday off as well would be too much time out of the water.

Older JO’s are this weekend… good luck to all who qualified! Vladi and I will be attending this meet and Alex and Adam will be running Sunday’s practice.

Today’s number is (9). You can tell me the total on Monday since we don’t have practice on Friday and I won’t be back on the practice deck until Monday anyway.

Go Riptide!