Greetings Riptide,

This week has a pre-planned schedule change for tomorrow Thursday… we are starting workout at 6 for the white, red, and blue1. 645 start for blue 2, bronze, silver, and gold. Also, Friday and Saturday’s practices are going to be cancelled due to pool scheduling conflicts. There may be a weekend workout sometime, but you will have to wait for an email update. We will send one out to the parents as soon as possible.

Okay, many of you have been asking me about the contest for February. I posted the plan last week, but I will go over it again now since it seems a lot of you did not read it all carefully… The whole idea is for you to make it a habit to check in on the site as often as possible… I’m writing the blog so you will have something new to look at instead of just the calendar and an occasional news story. So, for this month you will need to read every blog I post in a week (Monday through Friday) and add up the numbers that I put in each one. Today’s is (6). You only need to count the numbers in the week we are on. Not the one’s from the previous week(s). When Friday comes, tell me what the total is. If you are correct and you are first to tell me the number in your group you can have a prize. No More Candy. I have some other prizes this month 🙂

Go Riptide!