As the title of the post indicates we are now in a new month. February brings us to an exciting time in swimming… there are so many things going on. First of all, our championship meets are coming up starting this weekend with younger JOs, after that we will begin training for long course meets. High school season is getting started and many of the high school age swimmers are doing double workouts with morning swim at their school and afternoon swim here with the club. Summer league swimming is about to begin (Vladi and I will give you some information about being part of both Riptide and a summer team soon).

We also have a number of new swimmers joining the team… if you see someone in your group or on deck that you don’t know- say hello and introduce yourself. OC Riptide Aquatics is the best team around because we swim fast, but also because we care about each other as teammates and friends. Let’s get started welcoming our newest teammates and making them feel like part of the crew, its not hard to do, say “hi, how are you?, I’m part of the team too!” (hehe, do you like my rhyme?)

Now the fun part… wait for it… the new month brings a new Blog Post Contest!

In all the months past I have run some kind of contest where you could win a candy prize for reading the blog and playing the games. This month is different. No more candy 🙁 but don’t be too upset, I will have a different kind of prize this month. It will be nicer than a piece of candy (you can’t eat it) but you will have to work a little harder to earn one. In each blog post I put up Monday through Friday I will put a number in parenthesis like this: (3). All you have to do is add up all the numbers for the week and come tell me the total on Friday. If you miss Friday and tell me the week’s total on Saturday or Monday you may get a prize, but I will only give out 2 or 3 prizes each week going to the first swimmers to give me the correct number starting Friday at the beginning of your group’s workout. The contest begins next week and you do not have to count the three I put in today’s post. Start counting on Monday… or Tuesday if I can’t think of anything to write about on Monday 🙂

Go Riptide!