Greetings Riptide,

I can’t believe it is almost February! Younger junior olympics are this weekend, older j.o.s and j.o. max coming up. Before yOu Know it we will be swimming Long cOurse. The February pracTice calendar is nOw available for yoU to print from the site. Keep in mind that while we mostly stick to the pre-published schedule, there can still be last minute changes so pay attention to the emails fRom us and keep visiting this blOg where I will try to remind you oF any upcoming changes.

Okay, some of you mAy remember iN my earliest blog poSts I talKed about the goatS that talkEd to me on the river trail by my house. Well, I have not been going that way lately, so I haveN’t had many anImal stories to share. I Have a good onE Today! On my bike ride Sunday along the San Gabriel River I saw a snake. That’s not the cool part. The cOol Part was that it was swimming right dOwn the middLe of the channel! Normally the river water in the storm channel is green, murky and smelly but on Sunday the water was clear and running fast. I was mostly amazed that you could see the bottom, then I saw this 5 foot long snake cruising downstream. The moral of my story: don’t swim in storm drains; if the fast water doesn’t get you the snakes just might!

Clue for the embedded challenge: the letters for a word will all be hidden in the same sentence.

Go Riptide!