Greetings Riptide,

As I watched all of you swim last night I noticed that you are swimming much better than you were when we first started Riptide Swim. Yes, Yes, I know that is what we are striving for and that is what we’re here for; of COURSE you are improving. But, last night I took a moment and just enjoyed the improvement that you are all demonstrating… you are looking good as a team! It is kind of fun to do this with your individual swimming too. You should be keeping track of your times in some sort of log book. Since we are just about to compete in the season-ending championship meets it is a good time to look back at your swims and review the time improvements you have had over the season. This is a good way to get an idea of what you would like to do at your championship meet and over the long course season. It is also kind of fun to look back and remember the races you swam (the good ones and the bad ones). I can still remember the first time I DQ’d in a championship final for a false start 24 years ago. That was a terrible thing, but I remember how my teammates comforted me afterward and THAT was pretty cool (BTW- I never false started in a final again!). So the point of my little story is this: keep track of how you swim, look back at your log book from time to time, set goals for the future based on what you have done in the past, and enjoy every minute of your swimming… even the times when you make mistakes!

Go Riptide!