Many of you solved the secret code challenge hidden in my last post. Thanks for keeping up with the blog! Good job figuring it out too; the first paragraph has a bunch of letters capitalized in parentheses that I forgot about and they were not part of the puzzle. So if you got it than you are a super sleuth!

Did anyone notice how much warmer it was last night? I think spring time is coming soon, and boy am I looking forward to it. Even though the nights may start to get a little warmer it is still important to bring your warm clothes to wear before and after practice. Your body can lose a lot of heat even on a warm night when you are wet or don’t have shoes and clothes on. Sometimes you may even feel fine (not cold at all) but if you don’t have the right clothes on your body could be colder than you think and that is not good for your health.

Good luck to all of you who have finals this week… you are almost done!

Go Riptide!