Greetings Riptide,

First, the news. I have read the last few issues of Splash magazine and noticed the adVertisement by USA Swimming about theiR new online App called Deck Pass. I thought it sounded like a pretty cool thing where swimmers could traCk thEir times, get awards, read swimming news, or even touch base with swimming friends. However, I did not get a chance to check it out until yesterday… so far I think it is great. Anyone can set up a deck pass account (Make Sure You Check With Your Parents First Before Signing Up For Anything Online!!) and when you connect your account to your USA Swimming ID you will be able to track your tImes and earn patches. Patches are basically littLe awards that appear on your Deck PAss page. Another cool thing, we coaches can give you Deck Pass Patches too. Some of you already have accounts and those that do got a patch from me yesterday. So, if you have a chance to go check it out at ask your parenTs to look it over and decide if you want to participate.

Next, the notes. Last night’s practice had a great turnout! Especially in my Blue 1 group… great job guys. The first step to getting faster is coming to practice as much as possible. In Blue 1 we havE a number of new Riptide swimmers who have Been working hard and are reaLly starting to show me some good technique… keep it up guys! In the Silver group (this is the training group For high school age swimmers) our practice attendance has been kind of low because a lot of the group is having to do some of their pRactice with their high school team. Anyway, that left some room for a few of you from Blue 2 to join our workout for a night. Melissa and Noah You guys did well. If you don’t know, we sometimes move kids during the season from one group to another but mostly we move kids to other groups after the season. That means ThaT after JO Max the other coaches and I will be moving some of you to new groups. Those of you that are 13 going on 14 coUld move into Silver group. If you want to know what it takes to be in the other groups, come ask me or another coach on deck… we’ll give you the lowdown.

FInally, the puzzle. As you know I have been putting one secret code into the blog per weeK this month. This weeK’s secret code can be found by finding all the capital letters in this post that should not be Capitalized. There will be three words scrambled, one word in each paragraphs. Your clue is: something challenging to do in practice.

Go Riptide!