Greetings Riptide,

Last night’s practice turned out to have dry weather… thankfully! Way to stick with it those of you who came to workout. I know it can be difficult to want to go swim when it is cold and rainy outside, but try to remember that the pool water is always within a few degrees of 80 and you can’t get any wetter in the rain! I think we are getting pretty good about putting the tarps on the pool at the end of practice and I wanted to say thank you to you swimmers. Even when it is late, you are tired and the warm showers are calling your name all of you work as a team to get the covers on. This is a great example of working together as a team and I think its even wearing off on our sister program (OC Riptide Polo) as they are putting tarps on their side of the pool too! You may not know but putting the tarps on helps the pool heater keep the water closer to 80 degrees and also saves the H.S. District money on the cost of energy to heat the pool; pulling the tarps every night will therefore help to keep the cost of membership down and make your workouts more comfortable by keeping the water toasty warm!

This is the end of short course season and we have our championship meets around the corner: Younger JOs, Older JOs and JO Max! All these meets are the place where we get to show off all the hard work we’ve done over the past 5 months so make sure you go to the champs meet you qualify for! The coaching staff and I will be sending out an email to all the parents talking about championships and the JO Max meet. Your coach should have mentioned this to you swimmers already but it is really important for us as a team to have a good turnout so we will continue to remind you to talk to your parents and try to attend!

Go Riptide!