Cramped quarters in the pool tonight with a surprise re-scheduling of a_waterpolo game. I think it was actually a first for OC Riptide Aquatics as both the OCR Polo and Swim teams had to share the same 1/2 pool for workout. Anyway, thanks to all of you for your flexibility. Remember also, we have an altered schedule on Thursday… make sure you check the calendar often to stay ahead of any changes.

Notable practice performances tonight: Brynn’s breaststroke and Becky’s butterfly were looking great tonight, good job girls! Ally you kept up your butterfly through the whole practice with good form, nice! The whole silver group gets kudos for doing a nice job on their rather long fly set.

One last thing before I wrap up; Anna in Silver group tonight told me how she noticed she has a lot more energy for practice when she has a snack before swimming. This is a good reminder that if you have your lunch at school and don’t eat dinner until after swim practice you should try to have a healthy snack in between. It will help your body to have some food energy to help get you through workout feeling strong. AND don’t forget your water bottle for during practice too!

Go Riptide!

Puzzle Clue: In the first paragraph there are 5 words (scrambled) separated by spaces (not scrambled) and they relate to the third paragraph. Puzzle difficulty: medium