Greetings Riptide, I j+ust wanted to repo+rt a little on the blue meet… It was q+u+ite windy a+nd col+d. By the second day I+ had my long johns on! Those who swam f+ound out why we have parkas i+n our gear bags for sure!

Some+ of you noticed I missed a few blog posts last week. If you ever+ come to the site and find I didn’t post that day, look for our links to other websites and check out some of the swimming sites. Socal Swim and USA Swimming have some cool stories to read and you can keep up on the latest swimming news too.

Last week’s secret code was in Latin, it was “MEA CULPA” and it means something like “my bad”

Hint for today’s challenge: Its what many of you are trying to become.

Go Riptide!