Last night’s practice was the second practice for three new members in blue 1 as well as the third night for a swimmer in blue 2. Welcome to the team,Alana Dawson Johnny and Lena!

I went over some of the rules of etiquette (manners) for swimming in a lane last night with blue 1 and I want to mention some guidelines we should all follow on deck.

1. Make sure your dry gear stays in a bag that is clearly marked with your name on it and your wet gear stays with you at your lane. 2. When you are finished swimming gather your gear together BEFORE rinsing off. That way we can pick up any gear left by the pool which does not belong to us. 3. Take your water bottles with you. 4. If you see any trash laying around, put it in the trash. Ocean View HS Pool is the home of OC Riptide Aquatics and we need to keep our home clean. 5. Use the restrooms as needed and you can change clothes in them too, but please stay out of the attached locker rooms. Those locker rooms are only for the high school teams to use. 6. Finally, please do not go into the gated storage area on deck. If you need to look for any lost item or you need something from back there, just ask one of the coaches and we will get it for you.

Thanks a heap! Go Riptide!