Greetings Riptide,

Some of you noticed that I didn’t post yesterday 🙁 Sorry about that…I left my house in the morning and it completely slipped my mind. Thank you for checking anyway. For those eager beavers that are trying to get a candy prize, remember this month you have to read the latest post and tell me which animals you find. They can be pics or text drawings or just animal names… also don’t forget to check with your parents to see if they want you to eat the candy.

Blue 1 you guys that came last night (we had a pretty low turnout) did a good job with the intervals… keep working on figuring out your own times in the sets; you will have to do a lot more of this when you move up to the next group. Silver group welcomed Madison back to training last night. If you weren’t there to join her, make sure you come tonight…

Go Riptide!