Saturday was a day all about teams and team work!

We still had some good swims in finals and the 12 and under swimmers did a great job too. Only 13-14, and 15-over swim prelims and finals in this meet. The younger age groups just swim their races one time. >=,>

The cool thing about Saturday was all the relays. Normally in BRW meets we will have only a couple relays, 4 or 5 teams will swim at most or they don’t have relays at all. This meet has relays everyday and Saturday had lots of them! For the 200 free relay and the 400 medley relay some age groups had 5 heats. That was a lot of swimmers representing their teams! I want to say thanks to the Riptide swimmers and families that came to this meet just to swim relays. It is an important part of a championship meet for teams to have relays and all of our entries yesterday did very well. The reason relays are so important is the scoring for teams. Regular meets are not scored for teams… awards are just given to individual swimmers, but in championships every swimmer that places scores points for their team and relays score double points!

There are swimmers from 39 teams at this meet so we will see what place we get… Vladi and I are hoping for a place in the top ten.

Go Riptide!