Yuliya Efimova, an Olympic bound breaststroker visited Riptide on Tuesday evening, November 29, 2011. It was a night to remember! First, Yuliya spoke to the swimmers with a little help  from two Russian translators, Coach Vladi and Coach Alex. Next, she suited up and gave an amazing demonstration in the pool. At the end of the evening Yuliya spent one on one time with the swimmers signing autographs.

What a wonderful role model Yuliya is for swimmers. At first glance you see a young women in a blue sweat suite with wavy blonde hair, a warm smile and sparkling eyes. She addressed the crowd of swimmers and parents with confidence and kindness. Questions flew her way and she paused for a moment on some answers and laughed with the swimmers on other questions. Yuliya felt it was important for the swimmers to follow their dreams. She has set goals, worked hard, believed in herself and never stopped following her dream! And here she is getting ready to go to the 2012 London Olympic Games.

Yulia’s demonstration in the pool was a feast for the eyes! Her breaststroke was like watching an eagle soar through the clouds. Her kick was so fluid you could not tell where it started and stopped. Her body glided through the water with such ease as if she was part of the water. She touched the wall and looked up at all the swimmers and parents fixated on her every move in the pool, a smile beamed across her face, you could feel her love of swimming through her strokes and her smile.

Yuliya put back on her blue sweat suite and let down her wet wavy hair, picked up a sharpie and talked to swimmers while signing YULIYA on everything from caps to t-shirts to pictures.

Yuliya thank you for sharing your passion for swimming with Riptide!

Recently in Shanghai at the World Championships Yuliya won two silver medals in the 50 and 200 meter breaststroke. Riptide will be cheering Yuliya on in the London Olympics, she made us all believers. Follow your dreams!


For more information on Yulia Efimova please visit this link:

Photo above from: arenainternational.com


Photos at the Riptide pool by Melissa Bernardin.