Greetings Riptide,

The Winter Age Group Championship in Palm Springs (December Invite) is fast approaching- Friday through Sunday Dec. 9-11 and the coaching staff are preparing our relay entries. There are relays on all 3 days of competition and we are allowed to enter relays including swimmers who may not have qualifying entry times in their individual events. We will have a list of all selected swimmers for relays on deck starting tonight and we need to have parents sign the list acknowledging whether or not you will be attending. Please check the list and let us know one way or the other as soon as possible; if you will not be attending we will need to select alternate swimmers.

Just another reminder, there are still two more opportunities to qualify by meeting the December Invite time standard: this weekend at Cerritos and at the Goldenwest meet. If you qualify at the Goldenwest meet you have to enter the WAG Champs meet on deck at the admin table.

If you have any questions please come ask your coach on deck.

Thank you, The Coaching Staff

Go Riptide!

P.S. (Any swimmer who reads this come tell me (Alec) and you can have your prize; I don’t think there are any rhyming words in the post this time)