Greetings Riptide! We have been working hard for a number of weeks now and most of you have at least 1 or 2 USA Swimming meets under your belt. The focus for those early meets has been to swim events, see what your times are, and complete races legally (no DQs). Now we need to start working on higher goals. Consider the following steps to help you prepare for competition with specific goals in mind:

1. Keep a record of your times in some type of log book… official results from meets are posted online and yours truly has a record as well, so if you don’t already have one completed your coach can help you fill in past times.

2. Be aware of the SCS time standards and how close you are to the next standard… this is a good way to see how well you are developing each of your strokes.

3. Write down your goal times (what you think you can swim at the next meet) and discuss them with your coach early… when you do this your coach can tell you if the goals are realistic and give you things to work on in practice to help you swim faster.

4. Make sure you sign up for all the meets that you can- don’t be fickle. (The coaches don’t always want everyone to attend every meet. You need to pay attention to the announcements and if you are not sure, just ask your coach.)