Good job to all of you who came to practice last night we had a good one. Blue 1 cranked out some tough 100’s and 75’s. Tuon it was good to see you lead off the lane and give Ally a challenge. There were too many DQ’s on the backstroke however, so keep those turns in mind tonight!

Silver group you continue to make progress towards our yardage goals… keep showing up and get in on time! Also, those of you who made fun of my blog last night- No Candy For You!! This is a valuable tool for communication and you should not make fun 🙁

I still have some ribbons from the socal meet so if you did not receive yours, come see me on deck. Also, I wanted to say congrats to all of you who participated in the Applebees fundraiser… everything I heard was that you did a great job. I’m sorry I missed it. Anyway, thanks for supporting your team.

Go Riptide!