So Wednesday’s practice was a live one, what a turnout! We have made some adjustments to the groups and now you may see some new faces in your lane so take the opportunity to be friendly and get to know some of your teammates a little better.

I want to congratulate Hannah (Silver) for winning the first rhyme game prize. I’ll put the rhyming words at the bottom of this post; if you missed the last one we’re having a new game this month. Find any words in the latest post that rhyme with the words on the list and you can win a prize.

Blue 1: you guys did great tonight, thanks for being ready to swim throughout the whole practice even when I was busy talking to the other groups or parents. Silver: If you were there at the meeting than you will know about your homework, if you missed workout… ask me what you need to do.

Rode my bike today… didn’t see any goats, maybe Sunday

Go Riptide!

Pool – Dive – Speedo – Pickle