Please remember we have an adjusted schedule Friday and Saturday due to the watrpolo tournament. Friday Red and White start at 4, Blue 1 and 2 go 5 to 6 pm, and silver bronze and gold are 6-730. Saturday Blue 1+2, Silver, Bronze, and Gold are in the afternoon… 4-530.

Thursday practice was a good one; I always enjoy watching all of you swim on distance nights… it is cool to see you get into a rythymn during your long freestyle sets. I think Blue 1 did the most yardage they have ever done in one night- great job! Silver group showed some killer math skills giving me all their times on the 500 set. Nice!

The October-Candy-Spelling contest is in effect… I’ve been giving out candy every night to you readers who catch my misspellings. Keep up the great editing!

Go Riptide!