Hi everyone,

Hope you all had a great weekend. I just read the review from Adam on the news page and it sounds like all who went to the pumpkin meet did a great job! Those of us who were at practice on Saturday got to do some racing too… we had a number of relay races that were pretty fun. Good job Kyle, Kaitlyn, and Jacquelin (I think) who all had to swim double races. Thanks to Kelly who showed up in time to get in on the fun!

In my last post I mentioned the calendar would reflecct the schedule changes, but we sent it out in an email instead… if you did not get the email, here are the changes for tonight


White- 4-4:45 Red- 4-5 Blue 1- 5-6 Blue 2- 5-6 Silver, Bronze, + Gold- 6-7:30

See you all soon,