I would like to thank everyone for another great meet this weekend! It wasn’t the smoothest meet, nor the warmest, but everyone did a great job of getting up and racing well anyway. I think we cleared an entire pumpkin field all by ourselves! As a team we did a good job at showing up on time, warming up/down and checking in with the coaches. All of us coaches greatly appreciate it, keep it up! Parents, I know that you have a big part in the success of the swimmers, so thank you for your effort this weekend — with a special thank you to the parents who helped organize relay teams for the younger swimmers.

As I’ve mentioned, almost everyone at the meet did very well. We had a LOT of time improvements, so congratulations to everyone who dropped time.

One exceptional performance came from Andre in the red group. Andre dropped the most time out of anyone on the team this weekend. In 7 races Andre was able to drop a total of 48 seconds! That’s almost 7 seconds per event! Great work Andre! Another standout meet performance came from Lulu in the bronze group. Lulu won the most races this weekend, she also won the whole event for the girls 50 Freestyle! Dane and Ethan were both tied with Lulu for the most first place finishes… great job guys!

Go Riptide!

~Coach Adam