It was a little quiet tonight with only the older groups in the water… but those that did have practice got some good work in. Great job Silver group doing your 200’s in the shallow lanes with only one wall! It was impressive to watch you guys adapt to a tough situationa and still get some quality work done. I was especially impressed with Bella improving her freestyle tonight.

I gave out a couple of prizes for our spelling contest… thanks for reading the blog guys! I think this is a good time for a trivia question: how many swimmers do you think we have on our team? Come tell me your guess and if you are within 3 you’ll win a prize.

There was a high school waterpolo game tonight (this is why we had to cancel practice for the early groups) and I overheard some of the fans talking about how good the pool looked full of swimmers on our half of the pool, they were jealous and said “… this is how our pool should be…” Pretty cool that other teams want to be like us.

Go Riptide!