Four days into this blog, and all of the prize winners have been from other groups 🙁 I have to tell you that if some of you kids from my groups don’t start winning prizes I’m gonna cry… On a more serious note, i think this has been a pretty good experience so far, but if there is any other kind of stuff you would like to see-just let me know. I would like this blog to be as much fun as possible so your suggestions are welcom.

Practice notes for Wednesday: Blue1-we welcomed Ethan to the group today, great job tonight… Silver-Maddie has set a goal of attending more practices and so far so good! That is a great way for all of us to improve…just keep coming to workout and your body will have no choice but to get faster!

If this is the first time you have read the blog, the month of October has a running contest: spot the misspelled words from the latest post and tell me about them on deck…first few get a candy prize (if your parents let you have candy). Also, there may be be trivia prizes too…every week or so.

Lastly, no practice Thursday for white, red, or blue 1…blue 1 is welcome to practice on saturday if not in the pumpkin meet.

Go Riptide!