Welcome back to my blog everybody… First: News The Socal BRW meet is coming up and sign ups need to be in this week. This meet is for bronze, gold, silver, and blue swimmers who are 11 years old and up. Bring the meet form to your coach to discuss which events are right for you to swim. Also, I want to encourage all of you to read this blog as often as you can; right now anyone can read it but we will be putting a sign-in feature soon. When this happens your parents will have to give you permission- so tell them to take a look at it too.

Notes for Tuesday: Blue 1- working on Breast and Fly today… Blake and Melissa did a great job working on their strokes. I thought Kenny did the Iron-Man workout tonight as he charged through all the butterfly breathing! Silver- Kelly and Josh get the Iron-Man praise for their butterflie efforts…good work!

Finally, Games

For the month of October I’m going to give a prize or two to the first people to point out any misspelled words in the latest blog post. I will also post some trivia questions every week. (remember,the prizes will mostly be hard candy, so check with your parents to see if you can have them)

Go Riptide! ~Coach Alec