Dear Riptide Swim,

What a weekend at the FAST BRW meet, and what an amazing start for Riptide!   That had to be a ‘Guinness Book of Records’ type of outstanding performance for an upstart swim team at its first official USA Swim sanctioned meet.   Someone has to look that up.

No doubt people are talking and spreading the word that there is a new force to be reckoned with.

All our swimmers, coaches and parents have a lot to be proud of, not only from the aspect of the amazing performances in the pool, but team integrity, unity and support for one another,  which I believe are the foundation of a great organization.

Big thanks to all the parents who expertly coordinated and worked the timing chairs, coordinated the unified sleek team “look” through the apparel,  donated their equipment, administered the meet entries, etc.  and biggest thanks to our coaches Vladi,  Alec, Alex and Adam, for inspiring and motivating the swimmers so magnificently for our first team meet.

Any comments, experiences, feedback from the team are greatly appreciated.

Looking ahead to our bright future!

Alex Marvel
Riptide Swim VP