Dear Parents:

The FAST ‘BRW’ Meet is just around the corner on October 8-9!  We have to enter the swimmers, so they can participate in the meet.  This email has 2 parts:

  1. The coaches request of which events to enter for the meet per group.
  2. The entry procedure for each swimmer in the family.

Click on the following link: FAST Meet Event File and print it out.

Read through the 1st page Meet rules.  The 2nd page describes the meet events.

The coaches request that each swimmer enter the following number of events per day.  Please select events as prescribed below for each group:

White:   3 events/day – all 25 yd events, 50 free, and one other 50 yd event
Red:       3 or 4 events/day – all 25’s, all 50’s, 100 free
Blue:      4 events/day – all 50’s, all 100’s
Bronze, Silver & Gold:    4 events per day – their choice, cleared by the coaches.

To enter your swimmers events and to help you learn to read the Meet events page:

  1. Write your swimmer’s name on the printed page and highlight the events you would like your swimmer to enter.
  2. Attach a check to the above page for the meet fees payable to RIPTIDE SWIM, with your swimmer(s) name in the memo line.  Meet Fees:  for this meet, each swimmer has a $5.25 surcharge fee, and a $3.00 fee PER EVENT
  3. Bring the event’s page and the check on deck and turn it in!

Since this is the first meet – if you have any questions or changes – entries will be accepted at the parent meeting by on the 24th.

Generally the procedure will be as follows:

  1. Entries and fees due on due date
  2. Once entered, the entry file will be emailed to you by Thursday morning, so you and the coaches have one day to look
    over the file and email me any corrections necessary.
  3. Final entries will be emailed to you with the fee report for confirmation.

A few notes:

  • Girls events (left side) are always even, boys events (right side) are always odd
  • Make sure your swimmer signs up for the events that corresponds to your child’s age.
  • If your swimmer has never entered a sanctioned USA swim meet, then all the times will be NT

What to expect at the meet, timing requirements, etc will be discussed at the parent meeting/pizza fundraiser on the September 24th.

See you all soon!